Food & Drink Specialisms

  • "Increased knowledge of the staff not only for how they do something but also why they are doing things.  We find the team are bringing issues to our attention rather than management or QA picking them up.  The Polaris Learning Consultant has been incredibly helpful on a number of levels - from highlighting production issues, helping with quality and technical issues and also providing solutions."

    Quality Assurance Manager JK Thomson, Scotland
  • “Really enjoyed the course, learning more about what I am doing or how to improve in my workplace.  It was a great opportunity and I would recommend others to do the same.”

    A learner, Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Large Fish Processing Company
  • "One of the benefits we have experienced as a result of the service from Polaris Learning was raising good awareness of the need for quality product within the supply chain.  Engaging with our Levy payers has also resulted in new businesses being set up to help expand the red meat offering to the general public.  They are efficient, reliable, and provide an innovative service from passionate staff."

    Livestock Development Manager (at the time of feedback) Quality Meat Scotland, Scotland
  • "Staff have enhanced skills and knowledge through the work they have covered when undertaking the Modern Apprenticeships.   Staff are also more motivated and keen to learn to help with their development throughout the business."

    HR Manager Deans of Huntly, Scotland
  • "The service from Polaris Learning has been outstanding! Their onsite assessor has led from the front and doing a sterling job. There is a huge amount of effort and hard work required from pre-work to registration then from delivery to completion, and Polaris Learning do this extremely well.  Our business needs to be flexible and they allow us to do this."

    Human Resources Manager (at time of feedback) Large Fish Processing Company
  • "Course was very well delivered and the trainer described every single bit of information very well and to my level of understanding."

    A learner, Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Scottish Abattoir
  • "The course gave me a better understanding of where I can be involved in Internal Audits and what factors in my role will need to be taken into consideration when an audit will be planned to be carried out."

    A learner, Internal Audit training workshop Scottish Meat Production Company
  • "This course has helped improve my confidence within my role and helped me develop further, would recommend all staff enrol. My assessors were extremely helpful and supportive and we were able to move forward at my pace and work around when I am free."

    A learner, Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Scottish Fish and Chip Shop
  • "We have been able to provide relevant on site training to a number of employees as part of their normal working day.    Polaris Learning have done this effectively and dealt with all of the funding requirements making it a painless exercise for the company.  A significant number of staff have now achieved Modern Apprenticeship's which they never would have done without the input and support from Polaris Learning.  They are a professional company and deliver the results they promise."

    HR Manager (at time of feedback) International Fish Canners & Nor-Sea Foods Ltd
  • "The trainer was lovely.  Was very useful having someone who knew the ins and outs of the business and could answer or find out anything that needed clarifying."

    A learner, Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Scottish Abattoir
  • "The trainer had a lot of knowledge and experience and used it to transfer information in an easy to understand way."

    A learner, Internal Audit training workshop Scottish Meat Production Company
  • "We have supported 11 candidates from across Production, Quality and Warehousing to work towards their qualifications so far. The Modern Apprenticeship system is now being used on site to support the harmonised working conditions and has been written-in to the revised job descriptions which are used to provide a career map through the roles available on site. Everyone on site has developed from this programme and a healthy debate has resulted in an increased level of professionalism from everyone at the factory."

    Operational Manager Cott Beverages, United Kingdom
  • "The trainer was great, he had great knowledge which helped me with some questions and I was not rushed through it.  He listened to things I may have been stuck on and broke them down brilliantly."

    A learner, Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Scottish Seafood Wholesaler
  • “The Level 2 and 3 Modern Apprenticeship programmes have given our employees a prime opportunity to expand their knowledge and to have their practical skills assessed to national recognised standards, which demonstrates our confidence in the ability of our staff at all levels. This will ensure that we will continue to deliver the quality and service that we are renowned for.”

    Training Manager Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd
  • "Lovely trainers.  Very enthusiastic about the material which rubs off on people.  Always available for comment or help through phone or email no matter what day or time.  Very good."

    A learner, Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Large Fish Processing Company
  • "Very helpful course - would like to progress on to more training at higher level. Very happy with the way the course was presented by assessor who would spend time going through questions that I did not completely understand."

    A learner, Level 2 Food and Drink Operations
  • "This course has encouraged me to reach deeper into the technical side of my role.  This in turn will help me develop my skills further.  I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues."

    A learner, Food & Drink Level 3
  • "The trainer provided great support throughout the course.  Any questions I had were answered swiftly and in a clear manner.  I would highly recommend great trainer to future candidates."

    A learner, Food & Drink Level 3
  • "Excellent course - trainer was brilliant.  Good communicator and very pleasant, nice guy."

    A learner, Food & Drink Level 2
  • "Course was a lot better than I anticipated it to be.  Tutors presented the course confidently and clearly.  I believe I have learned and understood their tutorial."

    A learner, Food & Drink Level 3

Our team has a vast amount of experience in the food and drink industry and this is a major part of the reason that we can help you put in place clear and straightforward solutions that work first time.

We are delighted to have long standing relationships with our clients and are always happy to have a chat with anyone who would like to find out more about how we can help them.

Our specialist food and drink team work across the breadth of the industry, throughout Scotland.

The team’s in-depth knowledge of this industry stands us out, enabling us to quickly find solutions for our clients, build long term relationships, and to know what will work and won’t work in the reality of the food and drink industry, the challenges that are being faced and the opportunities that can be maximised.

We provide a large number of Modern Apprenticeships to our clients as well as business improvement programmes, leadership and development programmes, learning and development qualifications, and specialist food and drink training qualification services such as HACCP, root cause analysis and internal audit.  We also provide a range of accredited programmes from the ILM and SQA as well as qualifications from food and drink industry bodies.

Finally, we provide consultancy services on a range of topics including work instructions and SOPs, and approaches to learning and development.

Our people also work closely with sector bodies of the industry to help shape policy, approach and qualifications, providing expertise on what will or will not work in the industry.



For employees who do not have a professional qualification in food and drink.
This training course is designed to give your employees an awareness of food hygiene...
This course is an introduction to the importance of health and safety, accidents and work-related ill health.
Gives employees a basic awareness of HACCP and hazard analysis.
To get employees up-to-speed on the practical...
To get supervisors and managers up-to-speed on practical actions.
Relevant to staff at all levels of a food business, who require a general awareness of allergens
This is often an area which is given little or no priority in our industry but...
Conducted independently by an appropriately trained competent auditor.
A work instruction is a tool provided to help someone to do a job correctly.
Our butchery skills courses provide hands on training.


Working with McIntosh Donald

Since 2005, we have built a close working relationship with McIntosh Donald on a few different projects.  These include the Modern Apprenticeship programme, food hygiene courses, train the trainer courses and internal auditor training.

Working with Macsween

Working together since 2012, we continue to deliver a modern apprenticeship programme to their employees at Level 2 and 3, and have successfully delivered a leadership development programme for their team leaders, covering all areas of the business.  In the pipeline, line leaders at Macsween will also complete the leadership development programme, and we look forward to delivering an in-house train the trainer course and continuing with the Modern Apprenticeships.

As part of the continuous training and development within the plant at Farne Salmon & Trout Ltd, over 80 members of staff have now completed their Modern Apprenticeship Level 2 qualification, with a number of employees in the process of completing their Level 3 qualification.  The programme has included a variety of pathways such as Fish and Shellfish Processing Skills, Distribution Skills, Operational Skills and Production & Processing Skills.


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