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We provide tailored online courses hosted within PLUS or within your own learning management system. We can work together to tailor our standalone modules/courses to meet the requirements of your organisation.

Many of our teams will have mandatory training that they have to complete, often through e-learning, but it can take a lot of time and often feels like a tick box exercise as they have done it before or it is not tailored to their current role.

For this reason, we are increasingly finding that clients are looking for a more tailored approach that is relevant to the actual role that their people will be doing and tailored to their own organisation’s processes, procedures, paperwork and language.

All of this can be integrated with your competency management system or be independent of this and work as a training portal.

Customised Induction and Mandatory Training

In this example, a client needed fast offshore readiness for new recruits without relying on the availability of in-house trainers. They sought fewer, customised courses for relevance and time savings.

They also wanted a supervisor module, which targetted new or current supervisors, emphasising the essentials of leadership and organisational expectations for those new to such roles, streamlining their transition.

Customised Resource Centre and Linked Knowledge Assessments

In this example, you can see a tailored place for your HR Policies and procedures, Technical Bulletins and learning resources where you can track usage, views or even understanding of what has been read.

Customised Food Hygiene

In this example, we have a tailored Food Hygiene course that all new recruits to the company are required to complete. It replaces the need for an off-the-shelf hygiene course and makes it more relevant to exactly what they will experience with their employer.

Customised Assessor and Verifier Learning

These are examples of assessor and verifier training programmes tailored to the client with their specific requirements built in.

Fire Safety

Here are examples of two off-the-shelf courses that we have available as standalone or as part of a package. They are not tailored to a client but can be tailored.

Manual Handling

An example of our manual handling course. This can be used off the shelf like all our other courses, or we can tailor this to meet your specific needs within a course.

We also have a list of standalone modules which we can customise and tailor for your specific needs. These include:

  • Communication for Managers

  • Motivation for Performance

  • Leadership Skills

  • Leading Change

  • Coaching Skills for Managers

  • Effective Manager

  • Performance Management

  • Operational Management

  • Operational Management

  • Self Development and Coaching Others

  • Assessor Refresher Training

  • Food Hygiene

  • Fire Safety

  • Extinguishing Fires in the Workplace

  • Manual Handling in the Workplace


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We offer three main options relating to assessor training and qualifications, including the internationally recognised SQA L&D9DI Award.
We can help you with introductory training for your internal verifiers through to full qualifications such as SQA L&D11.
We offer a range of practical training and qualifications that help team leaders, supervisors and managers develop the skills and knowledge to succeed.
We can offer short intensive training courses and modules online or through a blended learning approach.
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