Progress: A Competency Management Software Solution


Recruiting, keeping and developing your talent can be a challenge.

Making sure that you have a competent team able to succeed in the current role, able to work safely and also in a position to develop as your organisation evolves is an important part of people management.

Keeping on top of the changing training, competency and compliance requirements for each job position and each person in that role is an on-going task.

And making sure that you can record the information accurately, access it quickly and be confident that you have no errors, can be time consuming.

These are business critical processes that an organisation cannot afford to get wrong.


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Progress is the Competency Management Software Solution by Polaris Learning

Progress is designed to be a flexible tool that allows different solutions to be put in place.  You can use Progress as a minimum to manage your compliance. You can also use Progress to bring greater value to your organisation, using training and competency to drive your organisation forward.

It brings our experience and knowledge into one Cloud-based solution with:

  • Competency management
  • Risk management
  • Learning and development
  • Performance management
  • Audits

This is underpinned with tailored or off-the-shelf online learning options.

Competency Management Software


We have designed Progress having spent over 23 years helping organisations to develop competency management software, create training and competency records, and design and implement work instructions.

In this time, we have taken companies through the process of moving their training and competency systems from paper based to online solutions, creating sustainable and robust programmes.

Through all this, we have seen what works and what does not work in training and competency, and we have used this knowledge and experience to design a simple and effective solution that can help you move towards a learning organisation.

Our aim at Polaris Learning is to create an optimum training and competency strategy that will meet your organisation’s goals and needs.

With Progress, we can help you to turn this strategy into a sustainable working process that will integrate separate learning and assessment activities into a coherent single point solution.

Competency Management Software

Reducing Risk Through Online Competency Management Software

We have built many additional features into Progress.  However, first and foremost we believe that your online competency management system should help you reduce the risks faced by your organisation.

Our risk management approach is designed to help you reduce and minimise your serious hazards and other risks.

Flexible to Fit Your Competency Management System

Your online competitive management system should be designed to fit your organisation’s approach.  You do not need to change your competency management system to fit our competency management software. We have built in flexibility to avoid changes to your approach and to minimise your setup costs.

Competency Management Software

Getting a Solution That Works First Time 

Often, we have been asked to fix competency management systems that are not working.  Repeatedly we have seen competency management systems software that is not working for the organisation.

We make sure that our client solution works first time and is sustainable.  Our focus is on helping clients review content, streamline and simplify learning, assessment and verification processes, as well as making sure that they are focusing on the most critical areas.

Competency Management Software: Confidence That it Will Work

We developed Progress based on our experience of working with clients to create streamlined competency management solutions.

This taught us that having an integrated solution is critical from every stakeholder’s perspective.  For a competency management system to work, there has to be ownership and transparency from top to bottom within the organisation.

This means:

  • Job holders have everything in one place with clear tracking, priorities and easy access to everything they need
  • Supervisors have visibility of team progression and ability to check individual competencies and courses
  • Management have visibility of team progression and access to essential reports and statistics


Our aim at Polaris Learning is to create an optimum training and competency strategy that will meet your organisation’s goals and needs.

With Progress, we can help you to turn this strategy into a sustainable working process that will integrate separate learning and assessment activities into a coherent single point solution.


Manage Your Training Function:

  • Access historical training records for every employee
  • Complete on the job training and assessments
  • Complete training and assessments against Standard Operating Procedures
  • Complete training and assessment against nationals standards of competence where required
  • Provide online learning linked to the training matrix
  • Quickly identify training needs for the individuals, teams or the organisation
  • Have access to accurate and up-to-date training records whenever they are required
  • Track the effectiveness of training

Manage Competency in Your Organisation:

  • Create your own tailored competency frameworks or use off the shelf ones based on best practice
  • Link training and competency to plan employee development
  • Record the assessment, capture the evidence, sign-off the assessment and verification all in one place
  • Monitor progress against competency and be able to quickly identify problem areas

Manage Your Talent:

  • Get a snapshot of training and competency whenever and wherever it is needed
  • Match talent requirements with the training and competency of your existing employees
  • Target your learning and development resource to where it is needed
  • Plan recruitment, retention and succession planning
  • Compare performance across individuals, teams, departments and locations

Manage Compliance:

  • Ensure employees meet compliance requirements
  • Be clear that the right employees have the right training at the right time
  • Prove competency: be ready for internal or external audits whenever or wherever


Integrate online learning courses from your own resources or from our range of online courses.

Progress Competency Management System
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