Be Able to Run a Live Investigation in Your Organisation Without the Costly Price Tag

This online programme (also available through virtual workshops) is designed for those new to incident investigations as well as those with more experience but no formal training.

It is an in-depth programme which will take you through the key stages should you be faced with an incident, packed with takeaways and useful tools to help you and your organisation confidently know how to run a live investigation should you need to do so.

Each module finishes with an online quiz to ensure that you have understood what has been covered and you achieve a Certificate of Achievement once you have finished.

We should stress that this is a course full of learning, important knowledge and tools designed for people who need to be able to apply what they are learning in their day jobs.

You will also access invaluable tools to help you apply what you are learning and leave you ready to carry out an incident investigation:

This handbook introduces the elementary and essential tools used within the investigation framework. It will provide you with a reference source for this training course, and act as a quick refresher for when you are conducting a live investigation.

The various investigation and analysis activities are presented in this easy to read flowchart, providing a quick reference guide for both this training course, and for live investigations.

This prompt card depicts the PEACE Interview Framework and so acts as an essential guide to conducting investigative interviews.

This online programme is a cost effective way to access high quality learning and knowledge as well as excellent tools based on years of experience without the high price tag that can often be associated with this type of training or consultancy.


This course presents internationally proven investigation techniques. It stands alone, providing learners with vital skills for conducting investigations and serving as internal training. It also serves as valuable refresher training. Comprising 12 modules with quizzes, the course reinforces learning and tests understanding. It’s compatible with PCs and tablets. Support materials, including handbooks and flowcharts, can be downloaded and printed. Completion time ranges from 6 to 10 hours, contingent on individual experience and learning style.

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