what is root cause analysis?

Root cause analysis is a problem-solving process for conducting an investigation into an identified incident, problem, concern or non-conformity.

The aim of the root cause analysis is to enable the investigators to look beyond the solution to the immediate problem and understand the fundamental or underlying causes of the situation so that preventive action can be taken.

Root cause analysis is a completely separate process from incident management and immediate corrective action (correction), although they are often conducted in close proximity.

The benefits of a comprehensive root cause analysis include:

• Identification of permanent solutions
• Prevention of recurring failures
• Introduction of a logical problem-solving process applicable to issues and non-conformities of all sizes

The topics covered in this online course are:

• What is Root Cause Analysis?
• Why Root Cause Analysis?
• The Method
• Methods of Root Cause Analysis
• Proposed Action Plan

• Common Mistakes
• Audit Report
• After the Audit
• What is the CATWOE Analysis?

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