About Us

Here at Polaris Learning, we are passionate about making sure our clients get the most from their training, competence assurance or qualifications.  We are committed to your team and your organisation, and you will see real benefits from having us on board.

If we are already working with you, then hopefully you know how committed we are to getting the best result for you and your team.  We want to continue to work with you to build a strong partnership and we hope to keep working together for many years to come.

If we are not already working with you, we would love to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves and find out ways that we can help you achieve your goals.

Our clients tell us that we quickly understand the heart of the issue, take a pragmatic approach, with minimum theory or paper work, while working alongside them to tailor a solution that fits with their culture, systems and processes.  We are able to work with employees from all areas of your business, understanding their issues and getting their buy-in.

As you would expect, our people are core to the spirit and ethos at Polaris Learning.  All of our team have the experience, expertise and knowledge to help you get the right solution, first time.

You will also find that our values of responsible, customer focused, commercially aware, and excellent relationships are central to everything we do.  We will, of course, respect and work within your own organisation’s values.

Our Strategic Partnership with AquaTerra Training

AquaTerra Training and Polaris Learning have announced a strengthened partnership, with AquaTerra Training investing in a 50% share of Polaris Learning. This collaboration allows both organisations to enhance their training and competence offerings to clients. AquaTerra Training, a leading health and safety training provider, aims to broaden its training services by joining forces with Polaris Learning, known for delivering competency-based training programs and apprenticeships across various sectors. This strategic partnership enables both companies to maximize their potential and meet the evolving needs of clients in a demanding business environment.

Achieving a Competent Workforce

Polaris Learning - Helping You Achieve a Competent and Qualified Workforce

Our Values



 We will be honest and open, and act responsibly and considerately towards our clients.  Our goal is to build long term, rewarding relationships and partnerships.

customer focused


We will be clear on the needs of our customers so that we provide solutions that meet their needs and exceed their expectations, now and over the longer term.

commercially aware


We are accountable for our decisions and understand their impact on profitability for ourselves and our customers.  We will be efficient in what we do, working effectively to help our clients and partners achieve their goals.

working-team copy2


We work hard to develop meaningful and beneficial relationships within our whole team, and with our clients and partners.



 To continually benefit all of our customers, and to challenge our teams to be the best that they can, we strive to innovate.

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