Polaris Learning has been working with Farne for over 10 years. Their partnership works firstly, because Farne Salmon and Trout are committed to the development of their people and for many years, have placed the Modern Apprenticeship programme at the heart of their learning and development strategy. Secondly, it works well because it is very easy for Polaris Learning to work with Farne. They have a dedicated training team who communicate well with them and well with all their people involved, whether the candidates or their supervisors.

Polaris Learning’s Senior Consultant, Jamie, has been supporting Farne for many years and for the last six months, Vincent, Polaris Learning’s Consultant, has also been working with Farne and their people. Vincent told us…

This company is a delight to work with. They make it so easy for me to plan visits and schedules, everyone knows when to expect me, what to expect and where to focus. It helps that the training team also understand the Modern Apprenticeship programme well and I even have someone in this team who completed the SCQF Level 5 and is now working towards the next level. I appreciate having such a great training team to work with.

Over 1 Candidates
In the last five years alone, Polaris Learning have supported over 85 candidates with their Modern Apprenticeship Qualifications!

Polaris Learning are working with people from production, the primary area, the slicing halls, despatch, the print room, warehouse, laundry and soon, someone from the kilns where they smoke the salmon. Polaris Learning mainly use the Production and Processing pathway at SCQF Level 5, but they also use the Fish and Shellfish pathway SCQF Level 5. Polaris Learning have seen good progression as well between Modern Apprenticeship levels as people develop and grow in their roles.

Farnes Salmon & Trout Training Manager has had this to say about the Modern Apprenticeship programme…

The Level 2 and 3 Modern Apprenticeship programmes have given our employees a prime opportunity to expand their knowledge and to have their practical skills assessed to national recognised standards, which demonstrates our confidence in the ability of our staff at all levels. This will ensure that we will continue to deliver the quality and service that we are renowned for.

This shows again that the MA programme provides an excellent framework for employees to acquire and develop new skills and knowledge relevant to their jobs. This is achieved in a flexible way that is tailored to meet the needs of the business.

Many of the employees who have completed a Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship have then moved onto completing a Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship. This approach provides the ideal stepping stone for their career paths.

Read some more testimonials below from the seafish sector…

“This course has helped improve my confidence within my role and helped me develop further, and I would recommend for all staff to enrol into the Modern Appresenticeship programme. My assessors were extremely helpful and supportive and we were able to move forward at my pace and work around when I am free.”

A Learner, Level 3 MA in Food and Drink Operations

“The service from Polaris Learning has been outstanding! Their onsite assessor has led from the front and doing a sterling job. There is a huge amount of effort and hard work required from pre-work to registration then from delivery to completion, and Polaris Learning do this extremely well.

HR Manager/ Large Fish Processing Company

“Increased knowledge of the staff not only for how they do something but also why they are doing things.  We find the team are bringing issues to our attention rather than management or QA picking them up.  The Polaris Learning Consultant has been incredibly helpful on a number of levels – from highlighting production issues, helping with quality and technical issues and also providing solutions.”

Quality Assurance Manager/ JK Thomson, Scotland

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