What to Consider When Choosing Online Assessor Training

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As we continue to need to work remotely where possible and getting together in a training room is not possible, online training for your assessors becomes an increasingly important option.  But what should you look for when choosing assessor training online?

It is essential that your assessors are going to benefit from this training and that you do not end up with a simple tick box exercise that has not helped with anyone’s knowledge, confidence or competence in assessing.

In reality, you have to consider as a starting point, the same questions that you have when buying assessor training for the classroom setting, before then thinking about some additional points.

Starting with the initial considerations:

  • Do you need qualifications or will assessor training, perhaps with a practical assignment, be better for you?
  • How can you make sure that your assessors will understand what is expected of them as an assessor as well as what is required of them in your organisation?
  • Will they become familiar with your paperwork and process?
  • Will the trainer support them with some of the people skills that are needed to make them good at assessing?  For example, giving feedback?

Then, when you think about training being delivered online, we recommend that you consider some of the following points:

  • How will the learning approach meet the different learning needs of your assessors?
  • Will it engage them and encourage them to learn?
  • How will they be supported through the learning?
  • How will this learning be transferred back to the workplace?
  • How will you be kept informed of their progress against plan?

Online assessor training in our experience can be really effective but you have to think through what you need, how you and the provider will support your assessors and how will ensure the assessors can apply what they are learning back in their workplace.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help with online assessor training, whether you need assessor qualifications or not, please get in touch.

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