Reviewing Competency Management Systems

For many companies, there is an existing competency management system but it may no-longer be working effectively.

It may not meet new industry or legislative requirements, you may be requiring external accreditation and the competency management system does not meet all the requirements, or it could be relating to the progress of your people against their competency records, with low levels of achievement. Often we find that older competency management systems have just got too big, they are difficult for the training and competency managers to manage and assessment is taking too long and costing too much.

There are a number of ways we can help from initial health checks, fuller audits, guidance or full on-site support.

Health Checks of your CMS

Completing a health check on your competency management system is a very effective way for us to sense check your system, helping you to identify gaps, highlight areas that might not be required and aspects that you could amend in order to make your competency management system work more effectively.

We can provide a basic health check, focusing on the assessment process and how it would be used in a busy working environment as well as amore advanced health check,focusing on the processes and resources in place to sustain the competency management system.

We try to use our time as practically as possible and will try to share or work through examples with you.

Internal Audits

Where you require an internal audit to be completed of your competency management system or your training and competency management system, we can agree what is required, complete the audit on your behalf and provide a report on the findings.

Streamlining your CMS

Over the years, competency management systems can become too large or overly complicated or bureaucratic. As well as being a cost problem, you can also find that you are not meeting your targets on competency, you may not be able to easily evidence competency levels or employees may be resenting the competency management system.

We have a lot of experience of streamlining competency management systems to make them more effective for everyone involved.


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