Implementing Competency and Management Systems

Developing Competency Management Systems

If you need help to develop a new competence management system, we can help you by developing all of the system, working on particular aspects or helping you develop a framework that you can take forward.

We would start by understanding the key positions to be covered within your competency management system and then we focus on the standards of competence that will underpin your system.

We can advise you on what you need to consider, from company procedures to industry standards and HSE requirements, we can help you work out what should be in the competency records and what can be left out, and we can make sure you are left with a competency management system that will help you manage risk and ensure the competency of your employees.

Risk Profiling

A key part of developing your competency management system is understanding which positions must be included and also the order in which to develop each competency record or competency portfolio.

An effective way to do this is by taking a risk profiling approach: being clear on which positions present the biggest risk to your people, your product, the environment and your business, and addressing these positions first. We can help you with risk profiling and take you through the process so that you can do as much or as little of the work depending on your requirements.

Implementing Competency Management Systems

Much of the success of your competency management system comes from the way you implement your new system.

From the initial briefings to all of your team on the competency management system, to training your assessors and verifiers, we can guide you on each step and help where you need extra support.

We usually find that our client teams will complete the initial in-house briefing to employees and then we support with the assessor and verifier training.

Supporting and Developing the Competency Team

Once your competency management system is implemented, you may find that you need no further support. Some of our clients however do need help from time to time, perhaps with internal verification until the internal verifiers have enough experience or a health check ahead of an external audit.

If your system is not initially accredited by an external body but you decide that this is required, we can help you identify what you need to do in order to meet the industry standards. This is a popular service that our clients have used in preparation for OPITO or IADC accreditation.


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