Polaris Learning and Peterhead Academy

On Monday we had the pleasure of hosting a knife skills workshop for S3 Hospitality and N5 Practical Cookery pupils at Peterhead Academy. The workshop was led by our Senior Consultant, Alastair, who is a skilled butcher with a wealth of expertise in the field. Thank you to Wendy Buchan for inviting us.

During the workshop, Alastair provided a great overview of various knife types, instructing the students on how to properly sharpen them. Then he demonstrated processes of working with the chicken.

The discussion then went on to include critical topics such as hygiene and safety in the production for the market, packaging information, and the sourcing of ingredients. These discussions were directly relevant to the S3 Royal Environmental Health Institute for Scotland (REHIS) certificate program.

The workshop was informative, engaging and everyone seemed to take a lot away from it.

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