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We’re delighted to share our success story with Gordon and MacPhail’s Modern Apprenticeship Programme, which we embarked upon together in September 2021. It’s been an incredible journey, and we’re thrilled to have caught up with Vikki MacInnes, HR Generalist at Gordon and MacPhail, who has been instrumental in overseeing this transformative initiative.

Vikki shares, “We encourage everyone to be open and transparent about how they find any aspect of work at Gordon and MacPhail, and we have taken exactly the same approach with the Modern Apprenticeship programme. Overall, people have really taken to it, and we can see those involved growing in confidence. Now they have the knowledge they need, and it’s a great boost for them. Even those who wouldn’t describe themselves as ‘academic’ have managed well and are now unafraid to progress in their careers or pursue these qualifications.”

But that’s not all! The Modern Apprenticeship programme is bringing forth a plethora of additional benefits. Vikki explains, “The program has broadened people’s mindsets about their roles, showing them what they are capable of and what they should be thinking about in their current positions. It has also illustrated how they can grow within the company, highlighting a bright career path within Gordon and MacPhail. Witnessing their growth, development, and excitement about their future achievements has been truly amazing. Furthermore, it greatly aids us in our succession planning efforts.”

Vikki fondly recalls that when she first joined last year, the Modern Apprenticeship programme was met with some skepticism. However, as more individuals successfully complete the program, the word is spreading like wildfire. She shares, “Those who have completed the program are thrilled to share their success stories, team leaders are recognizing the benefits and encouraging others to participate, and even those who were initially apprehensive about studying are changing their minds. Together with the Polaris Learning team and our incredible colleagues, we’ve formed a network—a small club—where everyone supports each other. More and more people are now eager to get involved as they witness the immediate benefits and future opportunities.”

Gordon and MacPhail are utilizing the Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations SCQF Levels 5 and 6. These pathways include Production and Processing, Distribution Skills, and Spirits Operations. We’re immensely proud of the strides they have made, and we’re looking forward to continuing this remarkable journey with Gordon and MacPhail.

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