Why Use Polaris Learning for Your Internal Audits?

The British Retail Consortium Global Food Safety Standard requirement states that internal audits must be conducted independently by an appropriately trained competent auditor. By using a member of our team you can satisfy this requirement. We are independent and objective, we have many years food industry experience, and we are trained extensively in providing internal audits. We can identify conformance’s or non conformance’s and in doing so, can lighten the burden on the company technical/quality assurance manager. This then allows them to focus their time and resources on carrying out the agreed corrective action. With more time and resources spent on rectification, we can help you make the system more robust and transparent.

Conforming Standards

We can provide an internal audit solution which conforms to the British Retail Consortium standard and SALSA. An internal audit can be conducted to include all relevant standards in the one process.

How do we conduct your internal audit?

We can conduct the internal audits in line with the company’s internal audit schedule. All you will need to do is ensure the required staff and areas for audit on the pre-planned dates are available.



Upon completing the training course, individuals will proficiently comprehend the integral role of internal audits in enhancing and maintaining management systems. They’ll acquire skills to meticulously plan and prepare for audits, conduct thorough quality assessments to unveil discrepancies, and effectively agree upon corrective actions and associated timelines. Moreover, they’ll learn to execute audits in a manner that boosts auditees’ confidence in quality, while ensuring meticulous record-keeping in line with company procedures. This comprehensive training empowers participants to craft and propose relevant recommendations for procedural enhancements, encapsulating a holistic understanding and adept execution of internal auditing practices.


The course modules comprehensively address key aspects of auditing, commencing with the rationale behind audits and the pivotal role of internal auditors. Participants immerse themselves in the planning and execution of audits, mastering reporting techniques, and optimising available resources. Following completion, different certification options are available as learners have the choice between a knowledge test for a Certificate of Completion or engaging in a practical internal audit with specific paperwork and procedures, resulting in a Certificate of Competence from Polaris Learning. This approach ensures a robust understanding and practical proficiency in auditing practices, custom-tailored to diverse learner needs and ambitions.


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