Emotional Intelligence Training: From Classroom to Virtual Workshops

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Delivering emotional intelligence training virtually has been another new challenge for us recently at Polaris Learning but it has been a great success.

The Story so Far:
We had just started training with a new group of supervisors when the leadership development programme had to stop due to the new social distancing rules.

The onshore supervisors had completed the first day of training covering Effective Leadership and Communication for Managers, and it was time to move onto day two with a focus on Emotional Intelligence, Managing Conflict & Difficult Conversations, and Managing Performance.

The client continued to be committed to the training and development of their people, and just like us, they were keen to continue with the leadership development programme.

Consequently, we moved to a bite sized learning approach and we have just delivered the first virtual workshop on Emotional Intelligence.

Making Virtual Learning Work:
There is no doubt that you have to consider different factors with virtual learning. Not least, such questions as:

  • What is the best way to achieve the original learning outcomes yet respond to the new learning environment?
  • How do you keep people engaged?
  • How do you read the audience and respond to the room (or virtual rooms)?
  • How do you address different learning needs and maintain momentum?
  • How do you ensure active facilitation?

Elongating the Learning Process:
We have always advocated stretching out the learning process so that people have the best opportunity to absorb what it being taught, have time to reflect, to apply it and to move through the learning cycle several times.

Virtual learning is no different and for this reason we took a blended learning approach which started with some pre-course work including reading, exercises and a short video to watch before we hosted the emotional intelligence training workshop.

Engaging Training:
Given the focus of emotionally intelligence, we start by linking our conversations and emotional intelligence training back to remembering our earlier work in the leadership development programme on self-awareness and team relationships.

We then explore the concept of emotional intelligence, understanding what it means as individuals and as a manager emotional intelligence before assessing our own emotional intelligence.

As we continue to adapt to the new world that we are currently operating in, it never stops failing to surprise us how flexible everyone is, how willing everyone is to try a new approach and how pleased everyone is to be able to move projects forward even if it is in a different way to the original plan.

On an aside, in many ways, emotional intelligence is a very apt topic just now under the current circumstances and probably a very helpful one for many of us to have some time to reflect on.

What was really interesting was not only how much those participating enjoyed the course, but also how much they appreciated the opportunity to meet up online, interact with other people and have the time to discuss some of their own feelings and experiences of adapting to this new way of working and living.

Please get in touch If you would like to discuss how we can help you with any virtual leadership workshops or any of our other courses, please get in touch.

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