Do your leaders need to ‘press the pause button’?

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Taking time out to think critically and methodically about a situation before acting, can be the difference between a leader making a quality decision or a wrong one that has undesirable consequences.

Maybe assumptions are made, others aren’t listened to properly, different views and ideas aren’t taken into account, or even other people’s bias can all influence someone before making a decision.

Our guide ‘Take Time: A Key Lesson for Us All?’ shares six steps that can help leaders slow down before acting, and apply some critical thinking techniques to allow for better decision making.

There are of course times when quick reactions are needed, but sometimes complex or higher risk decisions require taking a few moments first.

If you feel that any level of your management could do with ‘pressing the pause button’, we hope you found our guide useful, or if it’s something you’d like further assistance with then do get in touch.

We’d be happy to have a chat about any leadership development you’re considering, either call on 01651 873398 or reply to my email and I’ll get in touch.

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