Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership with Farne Salmon and Trout!

🎉 Celebrating 10 Years of Partnership with Farne Salmon and Trout! 🎉

We are thrilled to mark a decade of collaboration with Farne Salmon and Trout, a company dedicated to the growth and development of its people. At the heart of their success lies a robust Modern Apprenticeship program that has empowered individuals and fueled our shared journey of learning and progress.

Our partnership thrives for several reasons. Firstly, Farne’s unwavering commitment to their workforce’s development shines through their Modern Apprenticeship program. For years, this initiative has been the cornerstone of their learning strategy, fostering talent and nurturing potential. Secondly, working with Farne is an absolute pleasure. Their dedicated training team is exemplary, communicating seamlessly with us, candidates, and their supervisors alike. Both our Senior Consultant, Jamie, and Vincent have had the privilege of supporting Farne and its people.

Vincent, in particular, had this to say: “Farne is a delight to work with. They make it so easy for me to plan visits and schedules, everyone knows when to expect me, what to expect and where to focus. It helps that the training team also understand the Modern Apprenticeship programme well and I even have someone in this team who completed the SCQF Level 5 and is now working towards the next level. I appreciate having such a great training team to work with.”

Over the past five years, we’ve proudly assisted 85+ candidates in achieving their Modern Apprenticeship qualifications. Our impact spans various departments, including production, primary areas, slicing halls, despatch, print room, warehouse, laundry, and soon, the kilns where the salmon is smoked. We predominantly utilize the Production and Processing pathway at SCQF Level 5, complemented by the Fish and Shellfish pathway SCQF Level 5. Witnessing the significant progress and growth among our apprentices as they transition between levels is incredibly fulfilling.

Here’s to a decade of shared success and many more years of empowering individuals, transforming lives, and building a brighter future together. Thank you, Farne Salmon and Trout, for being an inspiring partner on this incredible journey! 🌟🐟


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