The training with practical assignment option is suitable for people who internally verify the quality of workplace assessment within a competency based assessment system. They are often called internal verifiers or it might be that they have internal verification as part of their role.


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Firstly, for your internal verifiers to succeed, we believe that your internal verifiers must be trained on your verification process.

So we recommend that we build your quality processes and paperwork into the training. This means that the verifiers will leave the training with a better understanding of what to do back in their workplace.

Secondly, internal verifiers usually have two responsibilities: supporting assessors and carrying out the process of internal verification (or auditing the assessments).

We address both of these aspects during the training and completion of the knowledge assignment.

Following completion of the training, we provide a practical assignment for verifiers to complete when they return to their place of work.

The assignment is tailored to suit your own organisation’s set-up but typically each individual will be asked to complete a range of internal verification activities.

Polaris Learning then issues each internal verifier with a Certificate of Competence.

There are no pre-requisites for this option, however, we recommend that the internal verifiers have some knowledge of your internal verification process and are able to refer back to the process.This is particularly important when it comes to the practical assignment.

This involves the provision of an online training process which includes the completion of formal knowledge assignments.  This would typically take one day to complete.

The online modules are:

  • Module 1: Assessment Refresher
  • Module 2: Introduction to Internal Verification
  • Module 3: Planning Sampling Activities
  • Module 4: Monitoring Assessment Practice
  • Module 5: External QA Requirements
  • Module 6: Case Study

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