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Building on our strong relationship with Dawnfresh Seafoods, a partnership that has run since 2012, we recently completed a comprehensive Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship programme for the quality control team. Dawnfresh are keen to maintain their high standards of quality to their clients and continue to improve the service they offer.

This programme involved a great level of commitment from both Dawnfresh and the learners to achieve the qualification, with some candidates travelling over 100 miles to attend!

The candidates were required to attend several workshops covering areas such as maintaining quality standards, monitoring production progress, hygiene standards and reporting and recording.

During the past year we have also completed a further 20 Level 2 Modern Apprenticeship Qualifications across the Dawnfresh sites.

Dawnfresh are keen to give the operators an insight into the operating and decision making process of the management team.

So in the pipeline, we are looking to complete a Level 2 programme in Food Manufacturing Excellence (FME) at Dawnfresh, with 17 candidates attending short training workshops.


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