Our Approach to Leadership Development

Tangible and sustained change back in the work place should be a key goal of any leadership development programme, and that is a key focus for us.

Our approach is to provide pre-designed workshops and programmes, as well as working with you to quickly understand your challenges and the development needs of your leaders, to then provide you with tailored programmes.

To achieve this we:

  • Avoid talk and chalk, and instead focusing on real engagement driven from experience and passion.
  • Increase self-awareness and awarenss of relationships with other to help leaders better understand themselves, and the impact that they have on their team as well as on their peers.
  • Use interactive and practical exercise that get the leaders actively involved in the training experience quickly and throughout the whole experience.
  • Focus on facilitation designed to make participants feel engaged, motivated, challenged and equipped to lead their teams.
  • Peer to peer learning strategies to increase the learning and to encourage future peer to peer amongst the leaders.
  • Build in pre-course and work place assignments that focus on behaviours, help elongate the learning, support the transfer of the learning back to the workplace but are not demanding on the leader’s time.
  • Give leaders the confidence, skills and abilities to develop themselves and their teams, often in challenging environments.


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