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Working with the Supply Chain

Your success may be dependent on the effectiveness of the competency management systems within your supply chain. We have helped companies to audit their supply chain’s training and competency management systems as well as on-going monitoring of the supply chain.

Internal Verification and Support Services

It may not be cost effective initially for you to complete your own internal verification of your competency management system. Or it could be that taking internal verification in-house is your goal but your internal verifiers are not yet experienced enough to do this.

If you need help setting up your internal verification process, streamlining it or you need help with the internal verification of your competency management system, then we can help.

Linking Training and Competency

As your competency management system evolves, the importance of linking training and competency becomes more important. To progress your employees from not yet competent to competent, you need to have a process in place to help make that happen.

If you want to discuss this more, let us know.


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