Management Qualifications:

The Level 3 SVQ in Management is designed for managers who want to develop their people management skills as well as demonstrate their competence in management.

We offer this qualification through our online and blended learning portal PLUS with support from a trainer and assessor. You will have the opportunity to complete online learning, you will be sign-posted to other online resources to research and you will be asked to complete work-based activities which will help you apply what you are learning to your role and your organisation.

These activities will also contribute to the evidence that you need to gather for your qualification.

The combination of learning and activities will help you build your knowledge, skills, tool set and methodologies, giving you resources that you can call on as you progress in your management career.


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Online Learning Modules

Management Qualifications

This module includes:

  • Gathering and analysing feedback from others
  • Personal development aligned to your learning styles
  • Personal SWOT Analysis and SMART objective setting
  • Coaching others, the key skills of a coach, how to apply these in your teams and the considerations around aligning with your company and team objectives
Management Qualifications

In this module, we focus on:

  • Communicating with purpose
  • The role of trust as a leader and the impact this can have on individuals and teams
  • Objective setting, linking objectives with roles and responsibilities
  • The difficulties of conflict and challenges and how to manage this effectively
Management Qualifications

Here we look at:

  • The differences between day to day performance management and the more formal performance review process
  • The importance of each and the role of the leader in both processes
  • How to carry out performance reviews effectively
  • The art of delegating effectively
Management Qualifications

This module is focused on:

  • The manager’s role in effective health and safety of the teams
  • Communication responsibilities and tools as part of health and safety
  • PDCA within health and safety application
  • Strategic and operational planning: the differences, the risks of operational planning, what is involved and key methods and tools

 Level 3 SVQ in Management

Your online learning and activities will help you work towards the 4 mandatory units and the 3 optional units.

The 4 Mandatory Units Are:

  1. Develop Your Knowledge, Skills and Competence
  2. Lead Your Team
  3. Manage People’s Performance at Work
  4. Provide Healthy, Safe, Secure and Productive Working Environments and Practices

We Offer 6 Optional Units for you to Choose From:

  1. Develop and Sustain Productive Relationships with Colleagues
  2. Support Individual’s Learning and Development
  3. Manage Conflict in Teams
  4. Coach Individuals
  5. Communicate Information and Knowledge
  6. Implement Operational Plans

Our Approach

Management Qualifications


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