Leadership and Development in Food and Drink

Leadership development in the food and drink industry should be tailored to the unique needs of the roles and responsibilities of those working in this sector, as well as the wide range of people employed.

Whether you are thinking about future supervisors, current supervisors and team leads or your more senior managers, we know that the leadership development will only work if it is resonates with your people, and the challenges and opportunities that they see each day.

In our experience, leadership development qualifications have a role but what will make a real difference to the behaviours, perspective and if need be, your culture, will be targeted leadership development that brings to life what you need from your people, whatever their level, experience, length of service or career aspirations.

For example, if we want performance management to be a day to day occurrence, and we want our appraisal process to provide the right results, our supervisors, managers and senior team, need to know what is expected of them, what your key messages are, what behaviours they must demonstrate and reinforce, and they need to have the knowledge, skills and tools to do what you need and their own teams need to move towards a high performing team.

Equally, if you are seeing conflict in your workplace or difficult conversations just being avoided and left to HR, when really it is simply too late, then we need to give your people the support and input that they need to understand how they are appearing to others, how they change when in conflict, as well as an understanding of what might be driving the difficult behaviours of their people.

Sometimes, having targeted input from people who understand your business, your industry as well as what needs to be done to achieve a motivated team who will remain loyal to your organisation, can be exactly what you need to see sustainable results, faster.

We can also help you work out where you should be focusing your training budget by creating a leadership development programme with you that links to the competencies that you need now and in the future.

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