Polaris Learning and KR Cladding: Working Together on Vocational Traineeships in Construction

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KR Cladding (part of the KR Group) are specialists in cladding and roofing services.  The very nature of their work means that they rely on a having a highly trained and experienced team of people, but these skills are not easy to achieve.  An important strategy of this organisation is to invest in and develop its own employees through the establishment of the KR Cladding Academy. 

The first step has been the accreditation of skills and competencies in experienced staff and then the creation of a two year KR Cladding Traineeship programme incorporating the SVQ Level 2 in Cladding Occupations (Construction) as well as accreditation in Core Skills.  This qualification gives everyone a grounding in the values of the company including customer focused standards; the culture of the organisation and their way of working; and industry best practice. This programme is delivered jointly by KR Cladding and Polaris Learning. 

Polaris Learning have been supporting the KR Cladding senior team to complete their SQA L&D9DI Assessor and SQA L&D11 Internal Verifier qualifications as part of this learning and development strategy.

Instead of having to send employees away to training programmes hundreds of miles away or simply not having access to qualifications, KR Cladding can now offer their own qualification programmes in conjunction with Polaris Learning through an SQA Satellite Centre arrangement.

By training experienced employees and supporting them to achieve their SQA L&D9DI qualifications, the KR Cladding assessors have the vocational experience to assess the construction skills of the trainees.  In turn, Polaris Learning can provide the verification and quality assurance necessary to help KR Cladding work as an SQA Satellite Centre.

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