Working Relationships: Virtual Training for the Public Sector

We are delighted to have been delivering such important training for one of our clients within the public sector.

Our Trainers for the Programme

Adapting to COVID Restrictions

Like so many training programmes just now, this was originally planned as face to face workshops and had previously been delivered this way to other colleagues. However, that was not possible this time around.  Yet the need for the team to be able to work remotely with their clients instead of face to face as they normally would, gave us an opportunity to reflect this new way of working in the learning experience.

Making Working Relationships Work Well

This programme gets right into the core issues of how we work together in our professional lives.

We explore topics such as:

  • What are the differences in people and what does this mean in the work environment?
  • How do we understand our own behaviour and the behaviour of others, and the impact this has on us and others?
  • What do we need to know and do to take control of communication and make it work for everyone?
  • How can we confidently deal with difficult situations that we might be facing?
  • What do we need to know and do to make everything work when we are doing this over the phone or video conference, instead of sitting down together in a room?

Take-Aways from the Training

We asked the participants for one take-away from the training and here are what some of them said:

  • Realising other people have the same challenges.
  • A reminder that we are not alone in these strange times and that we are trying to do the best for our customers.
  • Taking the time to recognise when people are shying away from the group and the importance of touching base.
  • Making sure everyone is ok and the importance of unconscious bias.
  • I really enjoyed the whole course and really enjoyed looking at how we communicate during this time
  • Meeting new people and the topics we have covered were really relevant to my job role
  • Reminded me to be assertive
  • Positivity

We are all in very different roles, but we could relate to all these take-aways and the insights.

Thank You

It is great working in training because we meet so many different people from different roles, but we often all have similar challenges and concerns.  It was good to get some time with a great team of people and share different experiences, and to hear how everyone has adapted to working virtually in a role that has traditionally been very much face to face.

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