Welcome to Intervention Rentals onto Progress, Our Competency Management Software

We are delighted to welcome Intervention Rentals onto Progress, our online competency management system, for their offshore teams working to perform pressure testing operations, annulus management and wellhead maintenance.

The team at Intervention Rentals first got in touch as they wanted to streamline their competency management system.  They felt that they had too much repeated work and repetition which was making it difficult for assessors and job holders to use the system.  We worked together to streamline their system, removing duplicates and making sure that their system works on paper and in practise, before then moving into online.

George Stewart, Training & Competence Co-ordinator at Intervention Rentals: “The Polaris Learning Team, with their experience, have removed duplication and helped us to streamline our competency management system so it is now much more user friendly for me as an assessor and for the job holders and users.  At the start, we were not entirely sure how we wanted the system to be, but we threw out lots of ideas and the Polaris Learning Team worked with us to shape those ideas and directed us on the right route.  Now we have a credible, efficient and very workable system.  They really take onboard your ideas and understand what you are looking for, they have made competency management much more manageable for us and I believe we are getting great value.  They go above and beyond what I would have expected.  Going forward, our goal is to have all our training and competency records digitalised, enabling full transparency for our employees and customers, allowing us to streamline and focus our efforts at our training centre”.

Keith Adam, Managing Director at Polaris Learning: “We have worked with the team at Intervention Rentals for over 7 years, initially helping them with assessor training, and they are always a pleasure to work with.  They are dedicated to achieving the best that they can and to providing the best service to their clients, and we see that every step of the way.  The Intervention Rentals’ team had a vision of how they wanted competency management to work for them, their people and their clients, and it has been great to help them move their system forward and to take it online for them with Progress.  We look forward to helping them grow their use of Progress as they continue to make competency management work for them.”

Great to have you onboard Intervention Rentals!

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