Train the Trainer Certificates – Tunnocks

Catriona had an excellent few days last week with Tunnock’s working with their line trainers to achieve their Train the Trainer certificates. 

The day focused very much on the skills of the trainer such as how to adapt to learning styles, the benefits and barriers to training, how to identify needs and the training cycle.  We focused on the EDIP method and also looked at questioning skills and effective feedback.  The candidates were then assessed carrying out a practical demonstration and instruction, and completed a knowledge assignment. 

We received some fantastic feedback on the course from the candidates at the end, such as:

“I feel this course has better equipped me as a trainer. I feel more confident in my ability to train now, and use the skills I’ve learned to make it easier and more enjoyable for any trainees.”

“The training was very helpful and engaging. I have enjoyed all the practical training and feel I am ready to take what I have learned into my training.”

“I really enjoyed my training course. Catriona has helped me realise how important my trainer role is.”

We were impressed by the high level of engagement of all of the candidates throughout the workshops, and the excellent organisation and support for the training by the team at Tunnocks

Well done everyone – great effort and very well deserved!

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