The Polaris Learning App: Gathering, Recording and Submitting Evidence On-The-Go at KR Cladding for the SVQ in Cladding Occupations (Construction)

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To support the trainees at KR Cladding working on their SVQ Level 2 in Cladding Occupations (Construction), the team at Polaris Learning worked closely with Nicola Fraser at KR Cladding to put the qualification onto the PLUS App.

Nicola was keen that the trainees would have a quick and user-friendly app that would work for them in their busy jobs working on different client construction sites.

The Polaris Learning PLUS app allows the trainees to see their qualification requirements and to check what competencies they have outstanding, as well as seeing what evidence would be relevant against each competency so that they can think about what types of evidence they should gather.   When they are ready, they can also upload their evidence, such as photos from their work, and they can complete knowledge questions.

Of course, being an app, they do not have to have internet access so they can still access their qualification and make progress while waiting outside a client site before work starts or on their lunch break, if that is what they want to do.  If they do have opportunity to go online and they prefer to do this, they can still access their course online via PLUS.

At the same time, the assessor, who in this case is a KR Cladding team member, can choose to view, mark and comment on progress using the PLUS app, as soon as the evidence is received and provide instant feedback.  Alternatively, the assessor can log onto PLUS when he or she has internet access and is back at a computer or a tablet or other similar device.

This is a great way for everyone to grab whatever time they have to move their qualification forward when they can, to track progress and to keep in touch in real time, regardless of which construction site they are working on that day or which construction client they are working for.

“We are very excited to be using this app as this has been the missing piece of the jigsaw. 

Working on construction sites, it is not always practical to carry paper and this is a much easier way to capture evidence, allowing the team to collect evidence as they go.  For the assessors, they are pleased to be able to receive a steady stream of evidence, making it more manageable and efficient to work through, as well as making it faster and easier to provide feedback, resulting in a smoother and faster process.”

Nicola Fraser, Director KR Group
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