Tackling the Challenge of Competency and Staff Shortages in the Oil and Gas Contractor Workforce Post Brexit, COVID 19, & IR35

Between COVID, IR35, Brexit and global politics impacting the oil price, the world has suddenly changed when it comes to attracting and retaining competent people to our workforce. This downturn is different from any other downturn that we have faced before.

  • Suddenly we are faced with a skills shortage.
  • The financial incentive is no-longer there for contractors to go offshore on short term contracts yet the long term contracts are not available, so how do we fill the positions?
  • It is hard to incentivise with career progression when many feel that there is a lack of career progression.
  • Many of our good people have taken early retirement and with COVID 19 turning our worlds upside down, we all know experienced and knowledgeable people who simply want a different lifestyle and are not prepared to go offshore: they are happy with less money and less stress.
  • For many, renewables is a more attractive and more stable, long term option and now is the time to make the change when everything is up in the air anyway.
  • Finally, we cannot easily get people from Europe now.

Join us to find out what we can do to address these challenges, help fight the skills shortage and develop competency in our contractors post COVID 19.

Hear from Raymond Bruce, Managing Director of Drillmar Resources and DrillTrain as he joins us to share his experiences in trying to find solutions and resolve the issues.

Registration is now open: https://attendee.gotowebinar.com/register/3979539817168400396

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