Scottish Apprenticeship Week with Glenmorangie

On the lead up to Scottish Apprenticeship week, Catriona and Erin had a fantastic week with Apprentices at Glenmorangie who attended a series of enhanced learning and development workshops and then assessment.

The Apprentices looked at Personal Branding covering SWOT Analysis, 360 feedback, SMART Objectives and career development timelines, to prepare them for the next steps in their journey. In addition, as part of their work on how they can help shape the future of new apprentices coming through the business, and add value utilising their current knowledge and skills, they all achieved a Certificate of Competence in Train the Trainer.

This busy yet brilliant week ended with a group presentation from the Apprentices on their journey so far and their future aspirations. We wish all of the Apprentices all the very best for their future within the Company.

It has been a privilege working with you all. Apprenticeships really do work!

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