Safely Recovering from a Downturn: The Critical Role of Training and Competency Professionals

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Free Lunch & Learn on Thursday 28th March 2019 1200 to 1400 *

 To achieve your organisation’s goals, you will need an engaged, motivated and competent workforce.  Find out how our approach to training and competency can help you achieve this.

We will cover:

  • Your role in ensuring a safe and effective recovery through training and competency
  • Verification is critical in your CMS:  what is essential and what is best practice to ensure sustainability?
  • Developing your people: an integrated approach to people management, training and competency through the employee lifecycle
  • Delivering training and assessing offshore: what to consider (and how going online will help)

This lunch and learn will be particularly appropriate for training and competency, QHSE and HR professionals who are involved in leading, managing or driving training and competency through their organisation.

Within this we will cover such topics as:

  • The legal requirements for offshore and onshore, and what works in reality
  • How to link risks with competency
  • Cutting through information overload: what you must do and what you can safely ignore
  • Steps to take to build your competency management system into your HR and business processes
  • The points to consider in assessment, verification, who should assess and who should verify, and the role of assessment refresher training

*It will be held at: AquaTerra Group, AquaTerra House, Kintore: 20 minutes from Aberdeen and 15 minutes from Dyce.

To book a place, please get in touch by e-mailing, or call us (Helen, Kieran or Brodie) on 01651 873398.

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