Progress: Cost Effective and Flexible Competency Management Software from Polaris Learning

Our approach to competency management systems has always been driven by helping our clients keep costs down while managing risk.   We are now providing considerable cost savings opportunities through our online competency management system software, Progress. 

Our 24 years of experience in this field has enabled us to design a highly professional, robust and flexible yet cost effective platform with many opportunities for cost efficiencies including:

  • Low set-up and implementation costs due to the design and flexibility of Progress
  • Minimal client investment in terms of set-up time and getting to a go-live point
  • Subscription, cloud-based service which means you only have costs for live candidates
  • The possibility for you to integrate different types of learning as well as appraisals
  • An opportunity to streamline your process and reduce the resources involved in demonstrating competence
  • The ability to actively manage and monitor your competency management system

As a result of our hands-on experience in competency management, we have a very good understanding of what works and what does not work, saving our clients a lot of time, money and effort.  This also provides peace of mind that we will help you implement a cost effective and sustainable solution that will work first time.

Progress builds on and integrates with our popular online and blended learning platform PLUS which has saved our clients of all sizes considerable sums of money through cost effective assessor, verifier and leadership training.

Click here for more information on Polaris Learning Progress.

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