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  • "It is all about the ease of keeping track of who has completed the training or where people are at in their training, the visibility of where people are; it is a simple and effective e-learning system and can be delivered anywhere in the world, plus the savings on costs."

    Marine Training Officer International Marine Company
  • “I found the course very in depth but very relevant to modern day standards, with a tremendous amount of information included. The information in the form of videos and lessons was very good, especially the video showing an assessor with a candidate giving feedback.  Everyone can learn from this approach, and people will benefit.”

    Online learner, assessor training with knowledge assignment International Drilling Company, Singapore
  • "I would definitely recommend this course, I am sure this will help me in the future to complete my own staff portfolios."

    A learner, Assessor Training Workshop International Marine Company
  • "Very good workbook and examples given throughout the course."

    A learner, SQA L&D11 Verifier Course International Drilling Company
  • "It has helped me manage my time and assess my team in a more practical way."

    A learner, Level 3 Certificate in Leadership and Management International Food Manufacturer
  • "I found the assessor course to be very effective when I was gathering my evidence, making me realise just how important it is to be able to correctly assess someone's knowledge and competency and how that can reflect on their abilities in the workplace."

    A learner, SQA L&D11 Internal Verifier Award on PLUS
  • "The course was ideally suited and helped me to refresh on some points and develop awareness and new skills in others.  The course will be invaluable in helping me with my role back in the workplace."

    A learner, Train the Trainer Programme Endorsed by the ILM Large Fish Processing Company
  • "The course provides very effective guidance in how to plan training and assessment.  The trainer was always available to answer the questions I had for him and kept in touch through the whole proces.  Thank you."

    A learner, SQA L&D9DI
  • "Lovely trainers.  Very enthusiastic about the material which rubs off on people.  Always available for comment or help through phone or email no matter what day or time.  Very good."

    A learner, Level 3 Modern Apprenticeship in Food and Drink Operations Large Fish Processing Company
  • "This course has encouraged me to reach deeper into the technical side of my role.  This in turn will help me develop my skills further.  I will highly recommend this course to my colleagues."

    A learner, Food & Drink Level 3


In January 2015, we launched our online and blended learning portal PLUS enabling us to provide online, cost effective, high quality training.

PLUS enables us to support those who prefer to learn online, it allows us to bring groups of learners together for online meetings, it allows us to extend the learning process through a combination of workshops and online learning.

PLUS by Polaris Learning

Learners tell us PLUS is engaging, easy to use and the support from their trainers has been fantastic. Our client training managers make use of the client reporting to track progress and they appreciate the cost savings. Our Polaris Learning trainers find it is a great way to provide bite-sized learning.


We offer a wide range of training and qualifications on PLUS, making the most of the brilliance of blended and helping you to keep your team competent:

Online PLUS Options


Media Activities on PLUS

A wide range of media, activities and tools to take learners through the learning cycle including videos, supporting notes, visual lessons and more.

Personalised Feedback on PLUS

We provide personalised feedback on the activities and tasks. This encourages the learners to think about what they are learning and how they can apply this new knowledge.

My Progress Report on PLUS

The ‘My Progress Report’ helps learners to see how much they have achieved, and also to help them re-visit where they left off on returning to their course on PLUS.

One to One Support on PLUS

We work hard to build a good rapport with each learner, understanding their job role, where they need extra help and supporting them through their training and qualification.


Client Progress Report on PLUS

Our client reporting is built in as standard so whether you have one learner or many to look after, we can provide you with client access so that you can monitor the progress of each learner.

We can also build in your paperwork and process into the training where this is beneficial. This can be done in a number of ways including adding materials into PLUS, creating short videos with your key messages or asking the learners to refer to your paperwork and processes.

Customisation on PLUS
Assessor course on PLUS

And just as importantly, online and blended learning provides a way for training and competency managers to offer cost effective, high quality learning.


Feedback benchmark from our clients on FPAL


From PLUS to Singapore

15 rigs, 2 regions, 450 assessors, 10 consultants, 1 learning platform, 90% complete and counting…

Polaris Learning has worked in partnership with a global drilling contractor based in Singapore to provide an innovative programme of assessor and internal verifier training in support of the launch of their Competence Assurance System across the organisation’s fleet of rigs.

The training was rolled out across 15 rigs working throughout south-east Asia and Africa.

The company’s supervisors completed the online assessor training programme via our online learning portal PLUS.

Each rig was appointed a dedicated consultant to support, monitor and provide feedback to those participating on the programme.

We were also commissioned to develop SCORM compliant refresher packages for both assessor and internal verifiers which were to be hosted by the client on their learning management system.

For more testimonials, case studies and product information on online and blended learning please visit our product pages below:

We offer three main options relating to assessor training and qualifications, including the internationally recognised SQA L&D9DI Award.
We can help you with introductory training for your internal verifiers through to full qualifications such as SQA L&D11.
We offer a range of practical training and qualifications that help team leaders, supervisors and managers develop the skills and knowledge to succeed.
We can offer short intensive training courses and modules online or through a blended learning approach.
  • "I found all of the information to be very useful, including all of the handout information. And the videos were very informative."

    A learner, ILM Leadership & Management Essentials Endorsed Award International Food Manufacturer
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