Manage Conflict to Create High Performing Teams

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Building better working relationships leads to higher performing teams; knowing how to manage conflict when it arises and turning it into a positive outcome, will encourage stronger relationships.

Conflict is often brought about by people’s different motivations, workplace stresses, and diverse behaviours, whether that’s being too focused and not self-aware enough, or dealing with situations in an assertive or accommodating way.

Understanding these complex differences, other people’s trigger points, and knowing how to deal with their responses is key to making sense of conflict and helping to manage it with different people.

Our article ‘Managing Conflict in Creating High Performance Teams’ looks at how to prevent conflict that is destructive, how to address it, and understand how to build better relationships.

This approach to managing conflict is based on the understanding that behaviour is driven by motivation, which changes in times of disagreement. It’s an area we look at in our leadership development programmes, as well as our standalone workshops on self-awareness and team relationships.

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