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Our own programmes that are endorsed by the ILM can be designed to meet the development needs of middle and senior managers.

We focus on learning that will help these leaders:

  • Live your organisation’s vision, values, behaviours and competencies as they drive this through the organisation
  • Understand and know what they need to deliver as leaders, how their own leadership approach supports this and steps that they can apply to excel as leaders
  • Be able to motivate and engage their teams, steps to take to achieve high performance teams and the role of team dynamics

We also can build in your own processes and approach in areas such as performance management, financial acumen and business strategy.


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Leadership Development - Blended Learning


Areas of focus can be designed with you and workshop topics that are usually highly relevant include:

  • Management Communication
  • Leadership and Team Dynamics
  • Motivating Your People
  • Setting Priorities and Delegation

Depending on development needs and organisational objectives we can also include workshops based on:

  • Developing and leading teams to achieve organisational visions, values, goals and objectives
  • Leading successful change management projects
  • Coaching and mentoring for success
  • Successful planning and performance management


Our 30-hour programmes of learning offer the following benefits:

  • Content and delivery methods that are flexible so we can work with you to create the right approach for your organisation, to meet the development needs of your team and to exceed the expectations of the managers.
  • Learning and practical application that give the maximum benefits to leaders while balancing the reality that most managers usually have busy jobs to return to.
  • The programmes are recognised by the ILM and meet the high standards of learning required by the ILM.
  • A focus on topics that are critical to the success of managers at different stages in their careers as well as elongated learning through pre-course and post-course work will help result in real change back in the work place.
  • A strategy and mechanism for helping managers to take what they have learnt, to see clearly how to prioritise this and to start applying the knowledge in their job role. This also provides us with a way to evaluate the learning and to provide feedback in the weeks after the workshops are completed.
  • Leadership & Development Excellence is equivalent to an ILM Level 4 to 5 depending on what is required.


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