Investigation Essentials

An Online Learning Programme

We are happy to offer this Investigation Essentials Online Learning course in conjunction with Helix Safety.

Available within the Polaris Learning portal PLUS and designed with Helix Safety, incident investigation and safety specialists, this course will take you through the essentials of incident investigation and includes lots of free resources to help you implement or enhance your organisation’s own processes.

Whether new to this area or looking for a refresher, you can complete the learning at times that suit you and we are available to support you if you need any help.

Be Confident and Knowledgeable in Incident Investigations

Whatever the size of your organisation, knowing how to investigate an incident is essential.  Incident investigation training can however be expensive and it can be difficult to release people for workshops.

With this course, you can train people at times that suit with up-to-date thinking and best practice in this area of safety.

The online programme is based on the very successful JIGSAW© Investigator training workshops that Helix Safety has been delivering for 15 years, so you can be confident in the quality of the learning and the free resources included in the course.

Key points:

Internationally Tried and Tested Techniques

  • The Investigation Essentials tools and techniques that we include in the course  are all internationally tried, tested and accepted.
  • The course is a standalone course so it provides learners with the essential information and knowledge of core investigation activities required to conduct investigations. 
  • It will also provide the underpinning information and knowledge required by investigators, as part of an internal training capability.
  • The course can also be used as refresher training for existing investigators, providing common and updated underpinning knowledge.

Programme Format

The course consists of 12 short, self-contained, modules.  Each module finishes with a quiz, designed to reinforce learning and test understanding, and the quiz must be successfully completed in order to move on to the next module. The format is suitable for PCs and tablets. 

Support Materials

An Investigations Essentials handbook, investigation framework flowchart and an interview management guide sheet are downloadable and printable. 


The course takes between 6 and 10 hours to complete depending on your experience, knowledge and learning style.

Training Content

Investigation Essentials addresses the following key areas: 

  • The purpose of, and legal requirements for, investigations
  • Losses caused by incidents
  • Investigator assumptions and bias, and how to minimise such influences
  • An introduction to human factors: intentional and unintentional behaviours (violation and human error), and examples of antecedents/triggers/motivators, performance shaping factors and error-inducing conditions
  • Initial actions to get an investigation underway
  • Evidence types and evidence management
  • Interviewing basics: questioning technique and the “interview funnel” for obtaining detailed information from a witness
  • Timeline (sequence of events, storyboard etc)
  • Reviewing and challenging the evidence for relevance, accuracy and proportionality
  • Identification of immediate causes
  • Incident analysis: based on both a simple 5 whys and also incident tree methodologies (also known as root cause analysis, 5-whys tree, cause tree etc)
  • Considerations in developing recommendations that are practical and proportionate

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