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As you develop Competency Management Systems, it is essential to put in place the processes that will make sure your CMS will continue to work, in particular your internal verification process.

What is Internal Verification?

The internal verification process is put in place to make sure that the quality of your competency management system, in particular your assessment process, is maintained.

internal verification process

Your internal verifier is responsible for monitoring the assessment process, checking the progress of your assessors and the quality of assessments.

Hopefully you planned for internal verification as you developed your competency management system.  But if internal verification is new to you, do not worry, you can still make adjustments.

Why does internal verification matter?

Without an internal verification process, the quality of your competency management system will probably suffer.

Looking inwardly to your organisation, internal verification can help you:

  • Get assessment right first time.
  • Make sure the process of assessing continues as planned.
  • Ensure the quality of the assessments is right (and so in turn, you can be confident that the person assessed as competent really is competent).
  • Give feedback to your assessors so they know what they need to do differently. And you are getting feedback so you know if you need to make changes to the assessment process and your organisation’s wider competency management system.

Looking externally, your internal verification process is an important part of helping you stay on top of your competency management system, enabling you to demonstrate this to your clients, industry bodies and, if relevant qualification bodies.

For more information please visit our Competency Management System page or get in touch.

internal verification process

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