ILM Leadership and Management
Level 4 and Level 5 Qualifications


For senior managers, we focus on learning that will help these leaders:

  • Live your organisation’s vision, values, behaviours and competencies as they drive this through the organisation
  • Understand and know what they need to deliver as leaders, how their own leadership approach supports this and steps that they can apply to excel as leaders
  • Be able to motivate and engage their teams, steps to take to achieve high performance teams and the role of team dynamics

We also can build in your own processes and approach in areas such as performance management, financial acumen and business strategy.

Areas of focus can be designed with you and workshop topics that are usually highly relevant include:

  • Developing Your Leadership Styles
  • Understanding the Manager’s Role to Achieve Performance
  • Managing and Implementing Change
  • Motivating People
  • Developing and Leading Teams to Achieve Organisational Goals and Objectives
  • Solving Problems and Making Effective Decisions
  • Financial and Commercial Acumen


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Leadership Development - Blended Learning


We have repeatedly seen that for most people, the best approach to learning is one that elongates the learning process.

By combining workshops with pre-course work, online learning or additional resources and post course work, we are helping managers to assimilate what they are learning, providing them with the opportunity to re-visit key concepts as they require and giving them strategies to help them apply this learning in the work place.

This approach gives each manager the best opportunity to excel and you the best opportunity to see real and sustained change post the training.

PLUS, Our Online and Blended Learning Portal

We also provide clients and their learners with access to PLUS, our learning portal that can work as the hub of the learning programme, supporting short or longer-term programmes.  It is easy to use, intuitive and a great way to share information, learning, learning resources and ideas as well as keeping learners motivated and you clear on progress.


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