How to Kick Start Your Competency Management in 2021

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In unprecedented and challenging times, a lot of organisations have had to focus on simply just surviving and have been forced to put aside well-thought-out business plans and initiatives.

When training and competency should be in the foreground to maximise productivity, many organisations have unfortunately lost the people with key skills to run their competency management.

This is why here at Polaris Learning we’ve put together a series of webinars based on the key themes, questions and challenges a lot of the companies we work with are facing right now, and to help you move forward with a more robust competency and training plan for 2021.

The first in the series; Taking Stock: Gaining Confidence to Move Forward, is on Thursday 26th November.

You can find more information on what we’ll be discussing and register here.

Our accompanying health check questionnaire may also be helpful to fill out prior to the webinar to help you evaluate what is and is not in place, or what areas need more consideration in your competency management system.

Please also feel free to submit your questionnaire or questions around any issues you may have before the webinar, and we’ll cover it as part of the content or Q&A session.

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