Food Allergen Awareness

Certificate in Food Allergens Level 2:

Allergen awareness is the new ‘hot topic’, and of significant importance to manufacturers and customers alike.

This four-hour course is relevant to staff at all levels of a food business, who require a general awareness of allergens, and covers the following:

  • Understand the requirement to provide food information
  • Understand the importance of practical allergen management
  • Understand how to provide complete and correct allergen information to consumers

The assessment is a 20 multiple-choice question examination. Candidates who achieve 14 or more correct answers will pass the examination and receive a Polaris Learning certificate in food allergen awareness level 2.


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Certificate in Management of Allergens Level 3:

The certificate in management of allergens is a qualification aimed at people responsible for the purchase, delivery and/or production of food.

Candidates who gain this qualification will be able to apply the knowledge relating to the control of food ingredients, including allergens, at all stages of food purchase and production.

They will understand the process for ensuring that accurate ingredient information is available for consumers at point of sale and the controls that need to be in place in order to reduce the risk of allergenic contamination. The course topics are regarded by the Food Standards Agency as important to maintain good practice in the production of safe food.

This one-day course is relevant for anyone with the responsibility of the purchase, delivery and production of food. The qualification is also suitable for those working in a range of food manufacturing occupations.

Some of the topics covered in this course are as follows:

  • Understand the different roles in ensuring food ingredients/allergens are effectively managed.
  • Understand the characteristics of food allergies and food intolerances.
  • Understand procedures – accurate communication of ingredient information, from supplier to consumer & the control of contamination/cross-contamination of allergenic ingredients.
  • Understand hygiene considerations – allergen and ingredient control.

The assessment requires candidates to complete an assessment workbook. Candidates who complete the workbook with supporting evidence will achieve a Polaris Learning certificate in management of food allergens level 3.


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