Financial and Commercial Acumen for Managers – Do Your Managers Know What Is Expected and What To Do?

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As with many aspects of management, financial and commercials is another area where we may expect managers to be competent but we may not always provide the training to support this competency.

Our Financial and Commercial Acumen workshop continues to prove popular for middle and senior managers who are not finance specialists but they do need to understand key aspects of financial management.  We provide a general level of knowledge and then focus on hands-on activities where we build in the client’s own specific approach to budget management and commercials. 

The actual details vary between each client but the principles are the same:  all managers need to know what is expected of them in relation to financial and commercial management.  We need to tell them, show them, get them hands-on and give them feedback.  We cannot expect everyone to be a natural in this area or to just pick it up as they go along.  Some will be, but some will not be.  Equally, you may also want to take the opportunity to ensure that everyone is following best practice or following your organisation’s approach when it comes to this way of working.

This can be a standalone workshop or as part of a leadership development programme.

Financial and Commercial Acumen
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