ESS Offshore and Remote – Modern Apprenticeship Case Study

We recently had the pleasure of catching up with 2 of our Modern Apprenticeship candidates, Daniel Moloney – Level 3 Management MA Apprentice and Kim Petrie – Level 3 Food and Drink Operations MA Apprentice to find out about their experience with the Modern Apprenticeship.

Daniel Moloney

Picture of a candidate from a Modern Apprenticeship Case Study

Daniel started his career in catering, working at a young age as a hotel manager before going offshore with ESS at 19 years old. He started as a steward, taking a vacancy that was available at the time, on what was an initial 6-month contract. Early in the contract, Daniel found himself with different opportunities, working first as a butcher and then as a chef, something that felt right given his initial training as a chef when he first left school.

We asked Daniel why he decided to do the Modern Apprenticeship in management. He said “I am keen to learn, and I am interested in learning. I want to develop the skills that I need to keep doing my job well and to grow as a manager in this role and in any future roles.” The Modern Apprenticeship programme is delivered in Scotland by Polaris Learning on behalf of Compass Group UK & Ireland. Compass Group UK & Ireland are the world’s largest multi-national food contract service company, providing high quality, competent people such as Daniel, to their clients.

Kim Petrie

Kimmi has been working offshore for over 12 years. Kimmi started her career onshore in administration before quickly realising that the 9 to 5 was not the lifestyle that she wanted. A move into catering made sense and Kimmi loved working in a variety of hotels and pubs before making the decision to try offshore, and she never looked back.

When I asked Kimmi about her learning, Kimmi mentioned that she was struck by what a good company ESS is. “So many of the structures that the qualification requires to be in place, and that I had to provide evidence for, we are already doing”. Kimmi also added: “I did not realise how much is involved in my job until I started to write everything down. It has been great to see my role and my work in a paper form”.

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