Ensure you Choose a Competency Management Software Solution that is Tailored to you – Flexibility is Key

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When looking for competency management software, we recommend choosing one that is flexible and can adapt to what you need.  We repeatedly find companies who are stuck with a competency management system that does not reflect how the company wants to manage competency or they had to spend a lot of money to modify the system to make it work for them.  Often, they are still not happy with the end result but they have invested too much to walk away.

For this reason, when we decided to develop a competency management software solution, we had flexibility at the top of our priority list.  Our Cloud based system, Progress, is very flexible and can be easily adapted to reflect your current competency management frameworks or to reflect the competency management frameworks that you want to put in place.

This means that we modify Progress to reflect what you need, saving you a lot of time, money and false starts.

From the start, we can incorporate your current or planned:

  • Standards of competence
  • Assessment methods
  • Linked training activities or programmes
  • Competency management system rules and governance

We can also include performance management and appraisals, and tailored or off-the-shelf online training courses, giving you all your training, performance and competency records in one place

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