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The training challenge

How do you train your employees and then make sure they retain their knowledge and transfer this in the workplace?

learning process

You can see from the above diagram that people do not retain much of what they learn unless they are able to experience as well as be told and shown.


Our Managing Director, Keith Adam, shares his ideas……..

“For anyone in training, the challenge is increasing knowledge retention and then ensuring that knowledge is applied in the workplace.

For many years at Polaris Learning, we have believed that the best way to address this is to give learners the time to learn, absorb, reflect and implement their learning.  In all our training delivery models, we have always built in steps to achieve this by extending the learning process and helping learners get the most from their training.

Online and blended learning provides us all with a great opportunity to take this approach to training to the next level.”


So How Do We Do It?

Elongating the Learning Experience
We start by aiming to take each learner through the learning cycle as often as we can.
This means we must build in a range of activities that are engaging to the learners, and provide opportunity for them to re visit the learning without losing interest and switching off.

Moving the Learner from Theory to Practise
Some people find the process of transferring the learning back to the workplace easier than others.  We must give everyone the best opportunity to do this.
Providing lots of opportunity to practise and giving feedback encourages the learner to think about what they are learning, and how they can apply this back at work.

Enhancing the Learning Experience
People learn differently and therefore have a preference for how they learn.  Whether a theorist, a pragmatist, an activist or a reflector, we can use online and blended learning to better meet each learner’s needs and therefore increase the behavioural change that we are expecting once the learning is complete.”

Want to know more?

If you would like to find out more about how we can improve the effectiveness of your training programmes, please get in touch.

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