Emergency Response Training and Consultancy

Emergency Response Training and Consultancy

Training Workshop

In an emergency you need your team to know what to do, when to do it, how to do it and why.   They need to be able to judge the situation and quickly decide the best course of action.

This 1-day training session is designed to give your people the skills, knowledge, process and confidence to make the right decisions and provide the appropriate leadership.

We build in your procedures and processes throughout the day as well as involving everyone in a hands-on table top exercise in the afternoon.

The workshop covers:


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•     The difference between business and command management

•     The requirements of the initial response

•     Identifying an incident that requires crisis management

•     Prevention of incidents

•     Stages of crisis management

•     Process of control and steps of incident control

•     Dealing with the media- an overview

•     Company procedures and plans  

•     Emergency response practical exercise


We also can provide emergency response consultancy to review your current arrangements or to help you establish appropriate processes and procedures.

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