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Cost Effective Assessor Training and Qualification Solutions – Virtual and Online Solutions

We appreciate that everyone’s budgets are tight just now yet there is still a need to keep assessors trained, motivated and capable of working to a high standard in line with your assessment processes and assessment best practice.

Cost Effective, High Quality Virtual and Online Assessor Training
Assessor training to ensure that your people remain competent or continue to develop their competency does not need to be expensive and can continue through virtual workshops or online and blended learning.

Do You Need Assessor Qualifications?
The first question to ask is whether you need assessor qualifications such as SQA L&D9DI or industry equivalents?  And if you do, do you need qualifications for all your team? 

Qualifications are internationally recognised and provide a recognised level of quality.  However, they are more expensive to implement than other options and do not always fit well with the organisation’s assessment process.  Often, they are required and are required for everyone but on other occasions you might find that you do not need to implement qualifications or you do not need to implement qualifications for everyone involved.  
Many of our clients have decided that qualifications are the best long-term strategy and are needed for everyone. Many have focused on key positions and used different options for other roles.  In addition, many have also moved away from qualifications.

Implementing Assessor Qualifications Cost Effectively and Safely
If you do need an assessor qualification, we can provide you with:

  • Virtual assessor workshops to bring your assessors together to learn
  • Online assessor learning
  • Blended learning

All these options allowing you to continue to roll out high quality assessor training while managing costs and safety considerations.

Effective Alternatives to Assessor Qualifications?
If you do not need to implement assessor qualifications, then you could consider assessor training with a practical assignment.  Our Polaris Learning Assessor Certificate of Competence is very popular and used a lot where the company needs to demonstrate that the assessors have achieved an agreed level of competence in assessing and in using the company’s assessment paperwork and process, and have been assessed as competent independently of the company.

We also offer this training as a virtual workshop, online or through blended learning.  We can also provide an e-learning package that you can use within your learning management system.  These options can be provided in English or, working with you, in alternative languages.
This option is a good way for you to achieve competent assessors who understand your assessment set-up and know what you expect of them while being a lot less expensive than a qualification option.

Getting Started
We understand that not everyone may be in the workplace just now and able to complete assessments.   However, your team members can complete the learning as well as the knowledge aspects of the qualification, if they are completing a qualification, in the meantime.

Please get in touch if you would like to catch-up.

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