Conclusion of a Global Competency Management System Upgrade for a Drilling Contractor: 20 Rigs Completed

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It was two years ago this week that we received the go-ahead from a global drilling contractor to work with them to streamline and integrate their existing competence management systems, creating one competency management system that can work across over 20 operational rigs, including jackups, semi submersibles and drillships.

This week, we have provided our input into creating the competency management system content for the last rig in their active fleet, and it is a major milestone for the project.

Polaris Learning have also supported the implementation of the programme by developing and providing bespoke online assessor and internal verifier training, including a Scandinavian course to support operations in Norway. So far, over 727 people have been trained online on the client’s process, paperwork and expectations, as assessors and verifiers.

The client has been delighted with how much money has been saved by selecting this training route and how effective the training has been at communicating their critical messages.

Our consultant, Callum Duncan, has been very involved in the project, working closely with the client team to shape the content of the competency management system as well as making sure that the data is accurately captured and the system is used effectively as it is rolled out:

“It has been a very interesting and at times challenging project to ensure that we captured the output from the organisations barrier management strategy within the Competence Management System”.

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