Celebrating Success with Greg McLean, Worley, with the Modern Apprenticeship in Management SCQF 7

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We recently had the pleasure of catching up with Greg McLean from Worley who works on the Dunlin, owned by Fairfield Energy.

Greg has been working on the Dunlin since December 2017 and has been offshore for 13 years, working in materials co-ordination, logistics co-ordination and stores.  In his current role, Greg works as the platform materials co-ordinator/controller and is also part of the helideck team.  This gives Greg great variety in his role, something which he clearly loves, along with the fast pace nature of his work and the challenges of being offshore (severe weather and cranes breaking down, for example).

I asked Greg why he decided to do this Modern Apprenticeship in Management and he explained that he wanted to develop the supervisory and management skills that would enable him to progress in his career.  It worked out well: the qualification involved a mixture of learning and providing evidence of competence, and Greg was able to show evidence of managing people from his helideck role, and managing processes and activities from his work as materials controller.

Greg told me how brilliant the course was for him: “It was exactly what I needed for developing supervisory management skills.  As it is online, it really suited me, and I had a lot of evidence from the range of jobs that I do in my role.  I found the activities and exercises were really helpful.  There were a lot of management skills that I hadn’t realised I would need until I did the course.”

I asked Greg if any jumped out in particular and Greg told me “I particularly liked the SWOT analysis and the leadership evaluation.  I did the leadership evaluation on myself and the guys in the team and a supervisor did one for me.  I will keep them and refer to them in the future.”

Greg added: “It was great to get that insight into what is expected if you are leading a team or wanting to develop your own skills or skills of guys in the team.  It was also 100% helpful to think about my own development.  It is not something we get time to do normally, and it really helped me to think about how I need to develop for the future.”

Finally, I asked Greg if there was anything he would add or say to others thinking about doing this qualification: “I would definitely recommend this course.  From working with colleagues to dealing with management, addressing issues or suggesting improvements, I have that insight to be confident of going about it the right way.  I have the confidence now to apply for a supervisory or management position in the future as I now have much more knowledge of what is involved and I have practised those skills in my role”.

Our team have really enjoyed working with Greg, and have been impressed throughout by his commitment to the learning and the qualification, as well as the quality of his work.  We hope to be able to work with Greg again soon and wish him good luck as he continues in his career.

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