Assessor Training and Assessment Alternatives to Assessor Qualifications

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Assessor qualifications are not always needed and may not be the best fit for your organisation.  Or it might be that it makes sense for some people to complete qualifications but not everyone needs them. 

If this is the case, you can consider our Polaris Learning Certificate of Competence.  This approach is used by many of our clients across a range of high risk industries.  It is a great way to train your assessors in what is expected, the skills and knowledge that they need as assessors, and the experience of using your process and paperwork.  The practical assignment allows them to practice what they have learnt, allowing us to close the feedback loop and to let you know if there are any areas that your assessors are typically struggling with.   

It is also a very cost effective way to roll out assessor training and embed your competency management system.  We can deliver the training online, through virtual workshops, or in classroom training. 

If you would like to more, please get in touch or you can find out more here

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