All Change at OPITO for Assessor and Verifier Training and Qualifications: What Does this Mean to You?

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There is no-longer a requirement from OPITO for accredited assessor or verifier qualifications within an OPITO accredited competency management system, as long as you can demonstrate that your organisation has sufficiently trained assessors and verifiers.

This provides organisations with an opportunity to implement their competency management systems in different ways and meaning that you can progress your competency management system in a way that suits your organisation.

Cost Effective, Tried and Tested Alternatives to Qualifications

For example, many of our clients use our Polaris Learning Certificate of Competence in Assessing or Polaris Learning Certificate of Competence in Verifying as a way to train and assess their people using their own assessment and verification processes.  We include a work based assignment that gets the assessors and verifiers hands-on with the process and paperwork that they need to use within their own organisation’s competency management system.  This means that the assessors, the verifiers, the training and competency team, and us as the trainers, can all be confident that they not only know how to assess or verify but they also know how to do this using their own paperwork and process.

You might not want training with an assignment and many of our clients have also chosen different routes which have included training only and training with knowledge or training with a knowledge quiz: all do-able and customised whatever your preferred training delivery method.

We have been doing this for nearly 25 years (25 years on the 1st May 2021 to be precise), for a wide range of clients and our clients repeatedly find it a cost effective way to implement their competency management system robustly and in a way that works first time.

Designed to Work for Assessors, Verifiers and You

You can have confidence in the standard of our Polaris Learning Certificate of Competence in Assessing or Verifying not only because of its track record for good results but also the way we have designed it.  We incorporated the key features from the National Standards (SQA L&D9DI Assessor Award and SQA L&D11 Verifier Award) to bring in these benefits while being able to remove any accreditation or qualification steps that can sometimes cause assessors or verifiers difficulties to achieve.

Different Delivery Models

As with all our assessor and verifier options, we deliver these online, through virtual workshops, face to face workshops and through blended learning.

We can tailor our training and assessment approach to meet your own needs and this has often included detailed customisation to bring to life what good looks like in assessment for particular clients, making the training and assessment very practical based to address specific client issues, incorporating different languages into online modules or SCORM compliant e-learning packages to integrate within client learning management systems.

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Please get in touch if you would like to know more about how we can help, our experience in this area, face to face and online solutions as well as the savings that you can make by taking a different approach.

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